Corporate outline

Incorporated DEC,1957
President Shin-ichi Takahashi
Head Office 3-20-48 Shinomiya, Hiratsuka, Kanagawa, Japan 254-0014
Capital 91,000,000JPY
Sales 6,370,835,000JPY(Fiscal 2017)
Employees 121 (as of June, 2018)

Line of business & location

Head Office & Factory Line of business
 Manufacture, Sales, and Maintenance of Industrial Furnaces
3-20-48 Shinomiya, Hiratsuka, Kanagawa, Japan 254-0014
Head office
Sales and R&D
Purchase & Production
Hamamatsu Brazing Plant Line of business
 Heat treatment and brazing services
1521 Koikecho, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan
Tel. +81-53-463-7390
Shanghai Representative Office Office
Rm 504 OOCL Plaza, 841 Yan An Road (M), Jinan, Shanghai, China, 200040
Technical Partners

Suzhou Industrial Park Road 55 wins silver

Main Supply Area

Korea , China , Taiwan , Singapore , Thailand , Indonesia , Vietnam , Malaysia , Philippines , India , Pakistan , Australia , France , UK , Czech , Poland , Greece , Iran , USA , Canada , Brazill , Mexico , Russia , South Africa , Algeria , Romania


1948 Established TAIHEI KINKOH KAGAKU Laboratory as KYK's predecessor, started production of heat treatment agent and commercial heat
1957 Incorporated present company, KANTO YAKIN KOGYO CO., LTD.,
started to design and manufacture furnaces for Heat treatment of steel.
1967 Started sale of Salt bath Furnace.
1970 Manufactured a large Salt bath Furnace with capacity of 100 tons.
1972 Manufactured a Nuclear fuel uranium sintering Furnace.
Manufactured a Mesh belt type continuous Carburizing Furnace.
1973 Established Hamamatsu Brazing Plant to commence commercial brazing services.
1978 Manufactured an Energy-saving type continuous Furnace recycling exhaust heat emitted from gas generator for preheating.
1980 Manufactured a continuous Aluminum brazing Furnace (NOCOLOK® PROCESS).
1981 Awarded by the Chairman of the Japan Machinery Industry Federation for "Energy-saving type continuous furnace".
1985 Susumu Takahashi, President, was awarded by "Director-General of Japan Science and Technology Agency" for development of Energy-saving type furnace.
1986 Developed a graphitization furnace capable of operating at 3000℃,
funded by the Kanagawa prefecture small/mid sized company invention fund.
1989 Manufactured a high temperature furnace for carbon fiber production.
Developed "Carbon-Carbon composite belt" usable at ultra high
1993 Manufactured a "Carbon-Carbon composite belt" type sintering furnace.
1999 Manufactured a low oxygen atmosphere furnace "OXYNON®" FURNACE.
2000 Developed a high efficiency "Radiant tube burner".
2002 Mr. Shin-ichi Takahashi was appointed president of KYK.
2003 Developed the “OXYNON CAB®” Aluminum Brazing Furnace.
2006 Provided the first Japanese made MOX Nuclear fuel sintering furnace to the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA).
2010 Manufactured the “OXYNON®” continuous Furnace for Brazing
Stainless Steel parts in a recirculating atmosphere.
Started to deliver furnaces for manufacturing carbon fibers for electrical vehicles.
2014 New office building and plant completed.
2015 Developed the second generation of CC composite belt.
2016 Recognized by Kanagawa prefecture as "Kanagawa small/mid sized company model factory"
2018 To the NEXT STAGE

CSR policy

We will execute the KYK philosophy to contribute to the continuous growth of the society and fulfil its social responsibility.

1.We will always maintain the Humanitarian spirit in and out of the company, and have the company cooperate and collaborate with the community as a member of the society.
2.We will always keep technical development and improvement in mind, and keep providing products of high quality to meet customers expectation.
3.We will always comply to the laws, and carry out businesses based on safety and environmental protection.

Health and safety policy

1.Health and safety related activity is one of our primary management subjects. All our
employees take part in the activity by strictly follow the rules of the law and in-house
health and safety management rules.
2.In cooperation with our group/partner companies we will cooperate and collaborate
with local communities to maintain good communication to form a safe and
comfortable working environment.
3.Our target in labor safety activity is to achieve "zero-accident record".
4.Our target in labor health activity is to remove any health hazard to make the
workplace happy and comfortable, and to build a healthy mind and body through
corporate health support and education.

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